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There's no shortage of agencies and gurus who will run Facebook ads for you, so how do you find somebody who will get results?

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, finding the right Facebook ads consultant is like Goldilocks finding the right bowl of porridge. You need a qualified expert—not somebody you found on Craigslist—but it doesn’t make sense to hire an entire agency to run your campaigns.

This is where I come in.

Logan Mayville | Facebook ad consultant

My name's
Logan Mayville.

I’m no influencer and I’m no guru—I’m just the guy who can help you double your leads with Facebook ads in 30 days without wasting your marketing budget or talking in circles with no results.

That’s why you’re here, right? To grow your business.

Most people searching the Internet for a “Facebook ads consultant” are in one of three situations:

  • You’re tired of Boosting Facebook posts and wondering how to connect the money you sent to Mark Zuckerberg to the results you wanted in the first place.
  • You haven’t had any luck with Facebook ad gurus or social media agencies, even though you paid five people to work on your campaigns.
  • You’re not getting anywhere sifting through endless blog posts and YouTube videos telling you how to run Facebook campaigns.

You’ve seen and heard of plenty of other businesses that are having success with Facebook and Instagram ads, but you haven’t been able to make it work for yours. 

So what happened?

What went wrong?

You threw money at a problem and hoped for the best. There was no clear road map for where you wanted to go or milestones to let you know if you were on the right track. Just a bill  from Facebook and your agency or consultant.

Let me tell you a secret you won’t hear from most consultants and agencies: 

When it comes to lead generation, Facebook ads are only half of the equation.

Paying money to Facebook to display your ads is called media buying. It’s a specialized skill, and there are tons of ways to increase traffic, video views, and click-through rates with media buying.

But what happens on the other side of the click? 

Often times, it’s what’s on the other side of that click—your digital marketing strategy—that’s to blame for your lack of results. You need BOTH to succeed with Facebook ads for lead generation.

More importantly, you need a plan to tie it all together and start raking in new customers.

The Growth Game Plan

Double your leads from Facebook ads in 30 days without wasting your ad budget on outdated marketing tactics.

If there’s one thing I enjoy more than a cold beer on a hot day, it’s helping passionate business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business. After spending the last decade or so waist deep in Facebook ad campaigns, I’ve developed a step-by-step framework I call the Growth Game Plan

Here’s how it works:


Pilots don’t take off until they’ve mapped their coordinates, scheduled their route, and ensured their aircraft is in perfect flying condition. The point is, there is work to be done before you even post your first Facebook ad to ensure your campaign will actually get you where you want to go.

Technical Foundation

Learn the tools of the trade

Audience Definition

Find your target audience


Go from ‘sales-y’ to helpful


With your flight plan in place, it’s time to execute. Learn how to use landing pages that actually convert leads, how to craft the perfect message, and how to operate all the sneaky-advanced features of the Facebook Ads Manager that the professionals use.

Conversion Funnel

From hopeful to in complete control

Advertising Creative

From skippable to clickable

Campaign Launch

Set yourself up for success


Once your ads are live, you’ll start receiving data on how they’re performing—cost-per-click, impressions, and of course, cost-per-lead, to name a few. Together, we’ll set up a reporting dashboard and I’ll show you how to read the data in a way that makes sense for your business. Upon review, we’ll make tweaks to your ads to achieve even better results.

Command Center

Turn data into insights

A/B Testing

Go from static to dynamic

Optimize & Scale

Results that grow with time

But, what is the Growth Game Plan?

The Growth Game Plan is a series of six 1:1 coaching sessions conducted via videoconference.

It’s a hybrid of consulting and coaching that combines the best of both worlds. You’ll get hands-on training from a grizzled Facebook ads veteran (that’s me!), but you’ll also get over-the-shoulder coaching to take your campaigns from conception to launch and results. There’s plenty of information and expertise out there—what’s missing is direction and transparency.

An agency will be reluctant to show you their methods, because then why would you need them?

Blog posts and YouTube videos are great for tactics, but they’re not customized to your situation.

Instead, consider accepting guidance from a seasoned professional who will empower you to run your own campaigns that are completely customized to your business. 

The Growth Game Plan is a complete solution to your marketing challenge

From strategy to tactics to execution—Here’s how I can take you from Point A to Point B.

Live 1:1 Coaching

No more Googling hard-to-answer questions. Get a Facebook ads expert to show you exactly what to do on your own computer screen.

Video Recordings

Need to review a technical process or go back to a creative brainstorm discussion? Watch the replay whenever and wherever.

Flexible Appointments

Go as fast as you want and bring as many people with you as you'd like. Each session lasts 1 hour. If you’re available, I’m available.

Ready to get to work?

Consulting Packages

Growth Game Plan

$ 747 6 Sessions
  • Double your leads from Facebook ads in 30 days with a comprehensive digital marketing plan. We'll collaborate to set goals, design a strategy, and execute at a professional level.
Save 20%

Power Hour

$ 150 1 Session
  • Looking for a quick opinion on your Facebook ads strategy? Need a second pair of eyes on your funnel? We'll get more done in one hour than most people do in a week.